Area51 - Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Area51 - Boeing 787 Dreamliner 1.03

Boeing 787 Dreamliner has different liveries designed from the original
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Boeing has around four hundred new airliners capable to provide more fuel efficient and faster transportation for the major airliners in the world. You can now choose to fly the Boeing 787 sim designed for the FS2004. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner for FS2004 has the flight with different liveries designed from the original and a few more virtual ones to fly with. The flight has a capacity of carrying around three hundred passengers around the world. The plane is capable of reaching speeds of Mach .85 and travel around eight thousand nautical miles. The included liveries are the Boeing House Colors, Icelandair, All Nippon Airways, Sucaba, Transload VA, Lynx Airways VA, Air Florida VA, Pinellas VA, Air Tampa VA, LSA VA, West Wind Airlines VA, Fly UK VA, Noble Air VA, Atlantic Skies VA and Boeing 787 Paint Kit with blank textures. The aircraft exterior and interiors are designed to perfection and lot of concentration has been given to details. This package is designed for the FS2004 and is a complete flying experience. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner for FS2004 1.0 is the simulation for all Boeing enthusiasts looking to get a taste of their new aircraft capabilities.

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